Saturday, January 30, 2010

Introducing Motherhood and Beyond!

My name is Krystal Ingalls. I am happily married to my best friend and partner in crime (Kidding!) R. Alan Ingalls. We have a wonderful 2 year old son named Brandon. He is definitely a unique, fun loving little boy. He has PDD-NOS...which is on the autism spectrum. It makes his life a little more challenging than most, but luckily for him, he was born into a family who is ready and willing to help him succeed in anything he wishes to do. His life is full of people who love him and want him to succeed. His family goes beyond the typical extended family. He also has his team of therapists and teachers that we pretty much consider family as well. I'm so glad we got lucky enough to get a great team together to help him along the way! He has come a long way since he started seeing his therapists and I couldn't be prouder.

Brandon is going to be a big brother in about 8 weeks! Little Alexis Ann is due on April 1st. He loves being mommy's little helper, so I don't think he is going to get too jealous of her as long as we keep him involved.

I am hoping that by making this blog I will be able to update family and friends about things that are happening in my life. Please check back often to see the latest on the Ingalls Family! =) Have a great day!