Thursday, February 25, 2010

Best sentence ever....

I was playing with my 2 year old today with his barn and farm animals. He loves animals and we've been working on animal sounds a lot. His favorite seems to be the cow and the sheep. Usually I'll tell him "sheep says Bahh" or something like that to try to teach him. Then I'll ask him "can you say bahh?" And that's usually followed by him saying "bahh." Same conversation over and over...just with different animals. So today I saw him with his cow and asked him "What's a cow say?" He looked at me with his big, blue eyes and goes "Cow say mooo!" just as plain as ever! =D I've never been more excited to hear about a cow in my entire life. I think he knows he did something good by the next 5 minutes of me going "Good boy!! Cow says moo!" Lol! I'm hoping that this will be his breakthrough and he'll now see that conversations are more than just copying someone when they ask you to. Everyone keeps telling me that once he starts talking I won't be able to get him to shut up. But, what they can't seem to comprehend is how badly I want a little chatterbox. I want my son to be able to tell me all the wonderful things that go on in his mind. I want him to talk my ear off about anything his heart desires. I want to hear about who has cooties in his class and his favorite part of the day. I want to hear anything he wants to tell me. Because now I am all to aware than being verbal is not something to take for granted. It's a huge privilege to be able to have your child talk to you. So, don't ever make your child feel bad about talking because if that were to ever go away you would miss it much more than you can ever imagine.

Friday, February 12, 2010


A little over 6 weeks until Alexis is due. =D How crazy is that?! I've got to get motivated to clean and finish getting the place ready for her! We got Brandon's baby swing out a few days ago. He was so cute! He got excited and went and grabbed his elmo to put in the swing and then he sat there swinging him for a good 10 minutes or so! I can't wait to see what a good big brother he's going to be. We went to target after his therapy Wednesday and he managed to hurt himself twice. Once he walked right into a metal pole. The 2nd time I guess he still had therapy on the brain. He was working on walking on different textures and climbing and stuff like that...with mats under him to catch him if he fell. So, He climbed on a very low, empty shelf. I thought he was going to sit down because I do that sometimes when I'm with other people and Lexi's giving me a hard time. But, nope. My lovely son decided to dive off the shelf head 1st. Thankfully, all it left was a bruise! He was not very happy when he found out target's floors weren't padded like Mr. Jim's are. >.< Crazy kid.

I found out about a huge baby and me consignment sale going on tomorrow at my local fairgrounds I'm going to go check out. I'm super excited! My mom and sister in law are going with me. I'm going to try out my kids' double stroller since my niece is going, too. =D It should be a fun day!

So...that's a very basic update on everything and everyone! =)