Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer's Almost Over

Summer break is almost over already?! Brandon starts back to preschool next week! Just what will I do with me and my baby girl by ourselves 2 days a week? Brandon is starting a brand new school this year and I think I am more nervous than he is. I have not met his teacher yet, but hopefully I will soon. I'm waiting on a phone call to set everything up for him at his new school. I'm hoping I can arrange a time when we can take Brandon to go look around the school, see his classroom, and meet his teacher before the 1st day. We've got his new clothes bought and his back pack from last year ready to go. I tried to get him excited about school by letting him buy a new back pack. He was having a blast until I told him it was for school. Then he suddenly hated them all. So, we are sticking with the old one. I'm expecting a rocky start...but it can only improve from there. =)

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